1. Offer

    I am feeling Hulk levels of rage over spotting ads for the following products today: 

    • Sensa
    • FitFlops

    Neither of these have been proven to work, and there’s NO evidence on how they might affect your health in the long term. And I know that some people who buy them, deep down, know that they don’t really work. Come on.

    So here’s my proposal: If you are considering buying these products to lose weight, please just send me the money you would have spent on them. I will send it back to you after you lose 20 pounds (or another goal that we determine together).

    Then you will achieve weight loss and you will not have spent your money on junk. 

    1. mrsfitwatcher said: I like this plan!!!
    2. yogawarriornyc said: I do own fitflops but not to lose weight. For flat footed people who live in a pedestrian city like NYC, though? I can’t recommend them highly enough.
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      Reasons I will never not be following this amazing person.
    4. uhoh-janellio said: AGREED. I’m 100% sure that Sensa is cocaine. It drives me crazy!
    5. runsforbrunch said: fun fact: Sensa is a former client of mine (last job). we did nothing but make fun of what total crap it is and bill them excessively.
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